Please Review Our Guidelines for Safety Related to COVID-19


We will be reopening soon (Eagle River and Minocqua 22nd, Rhinelander 26th) and wanted to let everyone know some of the changes we had to make in order to reopen our Tone Zone Facilities. This will be a soft reopening as we work through new policies to keep people safe. We are following the WEDC.ORG gym and fitness guidelines. There will be signs posted throughout the facilities as guidance and reminders.

Until further notice, our facilities will be open during our staffed hours only. Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 7 pm, Friday from 7 am to 3 pm and Saturday 8 am to noon. Please schedule your workout so that we can close promptly at the end of the day.

Reactivating Your Account? Inactive Accounts, etc.

If you are coming in to reactivate your account please be sure to do it early enough before closing so staff can close on time. Please check the Facebook page for any notification of unexpected staffing issues that would require staffed hour changes. For example, we cannot have staff working if they become sick.

On March 17th when the Stay at Home order was given, all of our members were put into an inactive status so that you would not be charged. That means as you return we have to renew your membership through our system. At this time we will be asking you to fill out a one-sheet member agreement in case there are any changes since you first started. We will ask for current email information in case something happens where we need to get a hold of you.

Members will all be given the time missed on prepaid memberships. These have to be done manually one at a time for each member. We ask for your patience as we handle each one of these as our members return. Depending on when you last paid, this may require payment when you come back. We are trying to avoid cash payments if at all possible. If you must pay with cash please try to have the exact amount.

Social Distancing

Socially distancing is very important! We are in an enclosed area. We have to depend on our members to monitor their distance at all times. This applies to all areas of the gym. Some of our equipment is not spaced 6 feet apart and we will not be able to move it before we open. Therefore please choose equipment that is not right next to someone else. If this isn’t followed we will have to take some of the equipment out of play. As members come in and have to come to the front counter to activate their memberships people may have to wait outside the door to avoid a cluster at the front desk.

Maximum Capacity

There are occupancy limits to each facility: Eagle River 35, Minocqua 35, and Rhinelander 25.


Members will need to wear masks when entering and exiting our facilities. Please consider wearing a mask while working out if you feel you can safely do so. According to the WEDC information workout gloves are not recommended as they are not easy to clean. Staff will be wearing masks and using gloves.

Sanitation Practices and Stations

There will be extra sanitation stations set up in each Tone Zone. Each member is REQUIRED to sanitize all equipment BEFORE AND AFTER use. For ellipticals and treadmills, you must clean the whole machine, not just handles, as heavy breathing covers all surfaces. Please clean every surface you touch. You will receive your own sanitized bottle of sanitizer when you come in. There are paper towels throughout the facilities to be used and disposed of in the trash cans.

Please wash your hands before and after using the bathroom facilities.

Plan Your Workout Time, Use of Machines, Towel Service, etc.

We ask that you try to pre-plan your work out to save time so all members have a chance to work out while keeping the number of members in the facility at the same time to a minimum.

Do not use multiple pieces of equipment at the same time unless you are the only person in that area.

Towel services will be suspended for now. Please bring your own if you wish to use one and be sure to take it home with you.

The water fountains are closed for drinking and can only be used for bottle filling. Please bring your bottle with you and try to bring enough water to avoid refills if possible.

Showers and Saunas

Our showers and saunas are closed until the virus becomes less of a community threat. Social distancing must be followed in the locker rooms. Try to avoid them if possible. This will help to reduce the number of surfaces and spaces of potential exposure.

Extra Cleaning

Staff will be on the floor doing extra cleaning as often as possible but in a way that keeps us safe. We will be trying to do the cleaning on the floor when there is a minimum amount of people. As mentioned before, we have very few staff members in all of our facilities. As our current members already know we have always had a heavy load of cleaning to keep our places looking as clean as they do. With these new policies, the cleaning will be heavily increased.

We have to depend on the teamwork of our members to do their part.

We hope by following the guidelines with the help of our members the soft opening will not have to last long.

Procedures can change as we work through this and figure out the best system. Please follow our Guidelines page on our website, Facebook pages as well as any signs posted throughout our facility.

Also, as we open we kindly ask that not everyone shows up during the first hour of opening. We know you are excited to get back but in order to reduce congestion and wait times, in addition to overwhelming our staff, we are hoping to space it out a little during our first week back.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we all work through these changes together. It is new for all of us.

Be safe everyone. We have missed you and look forward to providing a great place for us all to stay healthy.

Shelly Phebus
Tone Zone Fitness Manager