Pricing for Tone Zone Fitness Centers

Memberships can only be purchased during staffed hours.

All Tone Zone Fitness Centers are 24-hour access for enrolled members in good standing.


  • Single Membership – $40.00 per month
  • Family Membership* – $55.00 per month (Two parents/one child or one parent/two children. See below for details.)
  • Each Additional Family Member – $7.00 per month (See below for details.)
  • Day Passes – $15.00 (Can only be used at the center purchased from and during staffed hours.)
  • Weekly Pass – $60.00 (Can only be used at the center purchased from and during staffed hours. Call Ahead.)
  • Pass for 10 Sessions – $90.00 (Good for 2 years. Can only be used at the center it is purchased at.)
  • Pre-paid single 6-month membership – $240 (Includes 1 additional free month.)
  • Pre-paid single 1-year membership – $480 (Includes 3 additional free months.)
  • Pre-paid family 6-month membership – $330 (Includes 1 additional free month.)
  • Pre-paid family 1-year membership – $660 (Includes 3 free additional months.)

Sorry, no membership packages can be put on hold.

*Family membership for $55 includes two parents and one child or one parent and two children living in the same household. Children must be between the ages of 14 and 17 unless they are in college full-time. Additional children may be added for an additional cost of $7/per child. Anyone else living in or out of the household or visiting a household for an extended time will be charged a single membership fee and have their own separate membership.

Children ages 16 and 17 may have their own single membership, however, a parent MUST fill out the application with their contact information and must sign the liability form.

Anyone under 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent. Members must be at least 14 years of age. If a member needs to bring their children under the age of 14  they WILL NOT be allowed on the equipment for liability purposes. They must remain in the seating area. Staff are not responsible for supervision.

Prices do not include the $5.00 fee for each access keycard. All memberships are required to have an access keycard except for day and week passes. Day and week passes are only available during staffed hours and are subject to staff availability. Calling before attending is recommended.

Electronic Fund Transfer from your checking or savings account is accepted and encouraged for Auto-Renewal. Cash is also accepted but can only be paid during staffed hours. Recurring payments are highly encouraged to avoid lapse in membership.

All Tone Zone fitness centers are enrolled in the United Health Care Renew Active Program.